Centralise Your Compliance

A Bird’s-Eye View of
Your Compliance

Run your business with pin-point accuracy, using soware that gives you a top-level view of absolutely everything.
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Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
Save money on manpower

Invest your time and resources back into growing your business, instead of wasting it all on data replication and tedious compliance administration.

Simplify your life

Intersectʼs easy compliance soware takes the stress out of business management, by having all processes integrated into one intuitive dashboard.

Protect your reputation

Intersect has been designed to safeguard your reputation and your clientsʼ businesses from shady or tardy compliance practices.

See Everything On One Dashboard

Yes – everything. Within Intersect, youʼre able to access data, manage your business and conduct compliance processes easily and instantly
Intersect All your compliance in one place

All your compliance in one place

Host your entire company ecosystem on one platform, through live integrations with CIPC, SARS, and accounting software.

Documents stored instantly in the cloud

Manage employee contracts, FICA compliance and HR processes by importing, categorising and storing all your soware data and documentation in one place.
Intersect Documents stored instantly in the cloud
Intersect Easily access important documents

Easily access important documents

Access important documents like contracts, payslips, share certificates and company registers instantly from an intuitive dashboard.

Generate reports for anything

Stop losing time and accuracy to manual reporting. Intersect pulls data from accounting and payroll soware and delivers flawless financial reports in just one click.
Intersect Generate reports for anything
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One Dashboard(s)
To Rule Them All

Intersect helps you to house all your company documents and processes on one sleek dashboard, for seamless control.
Central Document Hub

Automatically generate, save and organise every document on one cloud-based hub – including CIPC data, HR and payroll, accounting reports, and more.

Ownership Dashboard

Access all your shareholder data from one sophisticated dashboard, where you can manage share classes, assign digital signatories and generate registers and reports.

Employee Dashboard

Integrate with your payroll soware, and see your employee records consolidated in one place – access employment terms, FICA details, contracts, and payslip records in just a few clicks.

SARS Dashboard

Import all financial data from each companyʼs accounting soware and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing tax calculations, company compliance and recommended actions are accurate.

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
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Don't Waste Another Minute
On Unnecessary Compliance Admin

It’s time to quit doing all the admin and get back to growing your bottom line. Digitise, centralise and streamline your compliance with Intersect.
Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
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